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Alexia Dawson, Parent


Good Morning.


One word ...... WOW!


I have just sobbed happy tears all the way through the year two Xmas Alternativity. 

Seeing those smiling faces, all so happy and enjoying what they are doing made me so emotional and proud to have my child in such a wonderful school!!

After such a tough year for everybody it is so wonderful and reassuring to know Zac and Albie are safe, happy and secure. 

Seeing this has just solidified it for me. No matter what is going on around us school has been our little piece of normality thanks to yourself and all the staff. And although we can't experience our "normal" Christmas traditions of coming in to school, this video certainly makes up for that! 

So THANK YOU to everyone that has helped year two make that wonderful Alternativity. I imagine it took a lot of hard work, time and patience.

I can't wait to receive the nursery one and cry more happy tears.

Have a great day,


Melissa Hendry, Parent


Having just read the Christmas newsletter, I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for all of the thoughtful ways you are incorporating Christmas into school this year, especially under such challenging circumstances.

Going above and beyond to bring the pantomime into school is such a lovely thing to do, as is arranging for Father Christmas to visit, and finding a way for parents to be able to see the Christmas concerts. 

You are absolutely right that these are memories everyone will treasure.

I just wanted to say big thank you for all the thoughtful planning. It’s very much appreciated!



Kate Wormwell, parent


Dear Mrs Wyatt 


I have been meaning to send an email thanking all of the staff at Alwoodley Primary for the fantastic support, over what has been a very difficult school year. As I have said in previous emails, I know how challenging working in a school can be, let alone with a pandemic thrown into the mix! 

I would also like to echo what I have said previously, in that sometimes the main feedback to schools always seems to focus on what has gone wrong. However, my husband and I couldn't have wished for a better school for Jack and Ella. During lockdown we have been so appreciative of,  not only having work sent home,  but also the amazing quality of the work. It is clear that in a highly pressurised situation, your school has continued to focus on the well being and educational progress of your students. All tasks have been easy to access on the website, engaging, the transition information has been great and the resource packs from teachers have been fantastic. 

The regular contact from the school has also been fantastic, and has ensured Jack and Ella do not feel anxious, and also helped my husband and I feel confident in supporting them with their school work at home. 

We have also received the end of year reports from their teachers, which have only reinforced everything I have said. It is lovely when you read a report that is so personalised and reflects the secure relationships between them and their teachers. 

Finally please wish all staff at Alwoodley a restful summer holiday, although I am sure like my school, there will still be work to focus on as new guidance from the government is released!


Thank you again 

Best Wishes 


Fatima James, parent

As a parent, I wanted to express how amazed I have been of the support my children have received during school closures. Work set has been practical and engaging and have had plenty to keep the children busy. There has been regular contact ....this has all been done with sensitivity and awareness of the unknown waters we find ourselves in. It really feels like such a personal approach. I know how much time and effort this must take particularly in light of all the other day to day urgencies and priorities that arise in school. Not to mention the personal family circumstances we all now find ourselves in.


I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you so much for putting our children first. As a school, I am sure you will be proud and I for one feel 100% reassured that my children have received and continue to receive the best support and guidance possible in this very worrying time.

Ruth Sutcliffe, Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University


I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to Miss Clarke for agreeing to host some of our students in your Year 4 morning session today, at pretty short notice! You were calm, welcoming and seemingly unfazed by having one of your ‘old’ tutors sitting at the back!

And you were wonderful! A fabulous role-model for our trainees! We talked about the depth and breadth of your subject knowledge re handwriting, grammar and whole class reading for meaning strategies/techniques. The students picked up on your attention to detail and pace, pace, pace! They were buzzing with all that they had seen and learned. So, thank you indeed.

Of course, this was no surprise given the high quality of teaching and learning Bev and I witness each week in EYFS and KS1. Our students learn so much from their observations, subsequent 1:1 reading with children and our related conversations. Thank you to Mrs Fox for coordinating everything week to week and to all staff willing to welcome their student guests each week!

Jackie Reid, Leeds School Improvement Adviser


I am emailing you to say a big thank you for welcoming me so warmly to Alwoodley PS last week. It was a pleasure to walk through the whole school with you looking at your wonderful learning environment and top quality provision. The stunning entrance (adorned with awards and subject association memberships) sets the scene of excellence everywhere else in the school.

You have obviously never let go of your commitment that ALL your children will experience the whole national curriculum and the many extra-curricular opportunities that you provide too.

Every adult that we came across had a specific role in school and their passion was overflowing…from individual musical instrument tuition, to whole class instrument playing to EAL intervention in a room that was a haven for children to express themselves in. Some star children were relishing the chance to have a hot chocolate tea party with the Headteacher and could explain clearly why they had been chosen. Adults used clear, positive language even when giving instruction or establishing expectations. The children have no doubt of what is expected of them academically and socially and the ones who spoke freely with me showed such eloquence. This is proof that you really are a thinking school, with meaningful oracy skills at the heart of your community.

Dr Dave Walters, Exeter University

The drive home gave me plenty of time to reflect on my visit. Alwoodley has created a culture of thinking in that it is the way things are done around the school. It is a educational community based on mutual respect and where the voices of children and teachers are valued. Alwoodley has core values and a purpose that permeates throughout the school and one that relies on people thinking deeply about what they do. Collaboration is all around and there is a growing movement to place evidence and research in the frame to develop researching professionals. Achievement is high in its widest sense. High levels of academic growth and dispositional development thrive hand in hand. Students rise to the challenges of moving out of their comfort zone. This is a school that looks after people. It gets the results educationally and with the wellbeing of its people at the core.

Amy Tatham - Parent

I wanted to share with you something lovely that my daughter Emily said to me last week...Emily is currently in year 7 at Allerton high school. She is loving the school, her friends, the independence, the structure, the subjects and teachers. She was very well prepared through the induction days and regular trips over the road for science and PE lessons. She was equipped with confidence and self belief that Miss Pattenden has a magical way of instilling in her pupils. We saw such a transformation in Emily throughout year 6.
Emily said that she realises what an amazing primary school she has had the privilege of attending. She said how compared to the other students at Allerton high, they have done so much. The examples she mentioned were the work they are covering in Maths and English, the Spanish they have done, Music, Science, PE, Food Technology.
I wanted to say a big thank you for all that you do. We really do appreciate everyone's hard work and dedication.