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Thursday 11th June

The answers to yesterday's riddles were:

1)  What is full of holes but still holds water? A sponge

2) Mary has four daughters and each of her daughters has a brother. How many children does Mary have? 5

3) I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old, what am I? A candle

4) What answer can you never answer yes to? Are you asleep?


Well done to Maya who got all of the answers correct.

If you have any other riddles - please email them to Miss P and I will add them to the page over the next few weeks.


English: A grammar starter to keep that brain ticking over!



Chapter 4 today- The Quiet House. Click on the link to read this chapter.




Re-read this section of the chapter


Finally, he could bear it no longer, and summoned the Chief Advisor to him.


‘Herringbone,’ he said, not looking the old man in the eye, ‘there’s a house on the corner, on the way to the park. Rather a nice cottage. Large-ish garden.’


‘The Dovetail house, Your Majesty?’


‘Oh, that’s who lives there, is it?’ said King Fred airily. ‘Well, it occurs to me that it’s rather a big place for a small family. I think I’ve heard there are only two of them, is that correct?’


‘Perfectly correct, Your Majesty. Just two, since the mother—’


‘It doesn’t really seem fair, Herringbone,’ King Fred said loudly, ‘for that nice, spacious cottage to be given to only two people, when there are families of five or six, I believe, who’d be happy with a little more room.’


‘You’d like me to move the Dovetails, Your Majesty?’


‘Yes, I think so,’ said King Fred, pretending to be very interested in the tip of his satin shoe.


ACTIVITY: Write a letter to the Dovetails ordering them to move to a smaller cottage near the graveyard. This is an order so think carefully about the language you use. Will you make your order brief and short or will you make the order sound nicer with some information about why this is a good choice? 


Maths:  Countdown starter- can you beat the clock?


Day 4 of algebra. Today is all about solving equations. Good luck!



Today's leaver’s activity is a wordsearch. You can include any school words but make sure they are well hidden: forwards, backwards, diagonal letters, letters shared between two words etc

Remember to write your words underneath for someone to find them later.

This sheet is in your pack... you know the next instruction - don't forget to stick it into your book!