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Thursday 14th May


I hope you are enjoying our new topic Rock, Paper, Scissors! This week we have been focusing on the character Rock. We thought about his appearance and his personality. Today we are going to be thinking about how he would interact with the characters in the clip. You will have noticed that during the clip there is no speech. Nobody talks. Today you are going to write a piece of dialogue (speech) for a section of the story.


Click the picture below which will take you to today's task. 

(For some strange reason, the video repeats itself at 2.35mins for 5 seconds. I have recorded it 3 times in the hope that it would stop doing this but it hasn't. Please continue to watch. You will just have to hear me repeat myself for 5 seconds - something I never have to do in 4ZC wink)

Try to use different words for 'said' in your dialogue 


Clip to use for dialogue

Still image for this video

Monumental Maths!


Start your maths lesson by clicking on the picture below to carry out the subtraction maths starter.



When you are ready, click on the picture below which will take you to the Whiterose Maths site for today's session. You will need to go to the Summer Term-Week 3, Lesson 4.



Now click on the link below for the worksheet.


If you need to work through this topic further or you would like to do some more work then click on the picture below which will take you to the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons.



In Year 4, you have been learning about animals and hopefully you should know this song. Mrs Weston anf Mrs Elsom have joined up to sing and sign the song.

Can you learn the song and the signs that go with it? You may even want to teach your family too!