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Thursday 18th June

Hi Year 6,


Hope you are all well. We are missing seeing you and still very much miss you. 


Change of day but same time... SPELLING SHED HIVE GAME TODAY!

10am - this is the week to beat the teachers!

Code: 593934


English: Another Grammar starter for you.


And the next chapter of The Ickabog :)


"A marshteazle, sire. Them’s bald rat-like things what lives in the marsh. "

"An Icka bog - Huge, it is, with eyes like lanterns and a mouth as wide as that there throne, and its wicked teeth shining at me. "


Today we'd like you to create your own creature that would fit into this story. They are super imaginative; they remind me of someting out of The Jabberwocky!

Can you draw, label and write a short character description of your creature?

Maths: Try another game of Countdow again. Top Tip: If you pick the '75' card, I find writing my 75 times tables down the side of my paper helps.

Have you ever noticed that on the speedometer in the car, the speed in which you're travelling is measured in miles and kilometres? Do you know the relationship between the two. Today's lesson will help you.

Leaver's Booklet: Back to Mrs Walker's Art Thursday. Wahoo!