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Thursday 23rd April

History: This term our focus is on the Maya civilisation. You will need to build up a fact file about the civilisation this will take sometime and can be completed over a few weeks. To help make a start the bbc bitesize website has lots of information.

First of all find out about what a historian is and what they do to find evidence. Complete the activities that go with the video.


Secondly, there are lots of super mini videos on the Maya and specific areas of their life. Choose a few and get started. If you feel confident why not try the quiz.

Maths: Decimal work continues with complements to 1. Find work attached.

English: Keep listening to Kaspar or reading the book. Are you ready to start thinking about character profiles yet ? Have you made any predictions how you think the story will develop? Talk to an adult about the characters and what you think will happen next.