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Thursday 23th April

Hello Year 3,

Today is another special day, wow we have had a busy week! Do you already know what it is?

It is St. George's Day also know as the 'Feast of Saint George'. If you aren't sure, find out what a saint is. George is the patron saint of England. He was a knight with a red and white flag - what does that remind you of? It is a brilliant story of dragons. However, as a Historian we have to think carefully. The story is a legend and exciting but he probably didn't slay a dragon really. Watch the video below to find out more. If you would like a St George's day challenge, I have put some underneath todays work. Enjoy!


Click on the link to find the video for today's English...

Thursday's activities


St George's Day challenges!


1. Quiz - can you find the answers to these questions?


a) Where do Historians believe St. George was born?

b) Which army was St. George in?

c) Who are the patron saints of Scotland, Wales and Ireland?

d) Which religion mainly celebrates St. George's day?

2. Read the tale of St George and use the template to create your own dragon poem. Draw or make your scary dragon too - use your imagination to make it exciting!

3. Create your own coat of arms to represent your family - perhaps you could pretend to ride into battle with it!

A coat of arms is a design that often would be put onto a shield. It can be used for a country, person or family. It represents them.

In History, lots of famous Kings or rulers would ride into battle with a coat of arms visible to their enemy! 


Why don't you create a coat of arms that represents your family and what is important to you? There are some templates to use or make your own using cardboard or paper.