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Thursday 26th March

Hi Year 6,


Happy birthday JW! We hope you are having a wonderful day!


As always, let's start the day in a positive way: get your blood pumping, heart rate up and endorphins released. It's Body Coach time!


For Thinking Skills, we regularly use Pobble to get our brain 'into gear'. Today we'd like you to complete a Pobble challenge. There are several activities in the Pobble 'About to Hatch' and we'd like you to complete at least two.


Mrs Walker has set you a task for today:


Starry Night is one of the most recognised pieces of art in the world. It is absolutely everywhere and can be seen on coffee mugs, t-shirts, towels, magnets, etc. It is a magnificent piece of art that is timeless.

Can you recreate it? Try using felt tips, coloured crayons, sticking cut out coloured paper from magazines, paint or anything else you have.

I would love to see your finished art, please email me or anyone else from the Year 6 team your photos.

Have fun! Mrs Walker


And finally, to help you retain all the learning taken place in Maths, complete the following 'Flashback 4s'.