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Thursday 26th March

Good Morning!

We hope you are ok and we are really enjoying seeing all the things you are doing at home. Some of you have been extremely busy. We have been amazed by how well you are adapting to the changes and we are very proud of you.

Question Time!

Pobble 365-Crash


Answer the questions using the picture

Share a story!

Time to enjoy reading a story or a chapter from your favourite book together.  Draw a picture that sums up that chapter or story. Write a paragraph to explain what you liked about the book or chapter and what you think you would change. Try to use words to persuade and phrases which will make your friends want to read that book.  



Quick Maths Starter

Use the link below to do some quick maths revision on rounding numbers to the nearest 10. 


Continue to revise equivalent fractions using Fractions Lesson 2 and 3 which can be found in the Home Learning Resources section.  

Get Active

Your final activity of the day is to create a circuit of physical activities for you and your family to do together. Plan to do a different type of exercise at as many points, as you would like, around the house. In your circuit you could have:

  • 20 star jumps
  • hop 15 times on each leg
  • 30 squats



You could take pictures of the circuit you have created.