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Thursday 2nd April

Hi Year 6.


We're still really missing you. Did you receive or give out any April Fool jokes yesterday? 


Get Moving: We remember the first time doing this workout and finding it tricky. Now, they're not so hard so we must be getting fitter. Keep going with it and stay healthy!


English: We'd like you to carry on with your worlds. We've seen a few already and the ones that really stand out are the leaflets with lots of detail, ambitious and enticing vocabulary and various sections.


Maths: Back to ratio today. To prove that you really understand it, could you define the term, give an example and create your own ratio question for an adult to solve (don't forget you'll need to know the answer)!


Thursday Art: Mrs Walker has been in touch again and she's just super excited about setting you all of these challenges; she's changed her mind several times to make sure she's giving you the best ones. This week she'd like you to produce a garden image inspired by Hockney. Click here for further information.

AND Mrs Walker has put a special video on the Year 6 Video Sharing Platform , in case you want an extra crafty challenge. As always, Mrs Walker would love to see any final products so drop it in an email to your teacher and Mrs Walker (