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Thursday 2nd April

Hello! or ¡Hola! in Spanish.
How many ways can you think of saying hello in different languages?


We hope you are all keeping well, it looks like you have been up to all sorts this week. We love hearing what you've been up to.



If you haven't had a chance to have a go at yesterdays Kahoot quiz (after our technical problems!) log on to and enter the PIN 064791.



Did you know today is Autism Awareness Day?

People with autism are creative, complex, amazing people!
Autism is a complicated condition, and has a 'puzzle ribbon' as it's symbol. Perhaps you could design your own?


Now on to today's suggested tasks:


Writing -  

Watch the video from the Literacy Shed below. This beautiful clip will inspire you to do some creative writing!

How about writing what happens next?

How about writing an adventure the man goes on with the turtle – what does he see?

Why not write from the turtle’s point of view? What is his story?


Maths -   Please continue to work through the White Rose fractions lessons. There are 10 in total. Perhaps you could focus on 'Week 2, Fractions of a set of objects' today?

If your adult needs the computer, you could count out sets of objects, coins or counters and practice finding a half and a quarter of those objects? You could then challenge yourself to separate them into thirds or fifths! 


Get crafty!

Spend some calm time being creative this afternoon, you could draw, read or listen to some music? Why not draw what you can see from your window, or somewhere in your imagination.

I've been trying to copy author/illustrator Rob Biddulph's tutorials to draw his book characters -

Do you like my Gregosaurus? If you try any let us know....! I'm going to try the alien today.





Remember you don't need to do every activity - you could save some for another day, they are just suggestions! Do what you can.


Wishing you a lovely day.

Year 3 teachers xx