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Thursday 2nd April

A Cloudy Lesson

Watch this video and see how weather presenter Chris Fawkes tells us the weather forecast.


You are then going to use this to help you write your own cloud weather report script. (You will use this tomorrow).

When writing your script, think about: 


  • How are you going to keep it engaging for the audience?

  • What information are you going to include?

  • How you are going to record how you are going to emphasise a point either verbally or physically?

  • What do you want to tell your audience?

  • Are you going to add stage direction?

One way to make your report more interesting is by including a map in the background for you to point to as you give your recorded report tomorrow. You could use/make a UK map or you could make a map of an imaginary place. 



Make sure it has place names on it and the name of the sea surrounding it.


Happy script writing and map making today! Remember to send them to your teacher.

Maths warm-up




Today in Maths, we are going to continue to find fractions of amounts. Watch the video again to recap how to do this and then complete Lesson 8 Fractions from the home learning resources section.

When you have finished these activities, please continue to practise your multiplication by going on TTRockstars and taking part in the battle between 4ZC and 4VL. 

Today is 



Watch the video below to find out a little bit more about autism.

Your final task today is to use your creative skills to make an autism puzzle ribbon. Use the collage skills, that you have been practising as part of our art work, to create your ribbons. We look forward to seeing your fantastic creations.