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Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Year 6 - hope you are all ok and getting on well with the song. I have added the backing track as this is what you will sing to. Tomorrow you will get someone to record you singing a small section. This is the section I would like you to be recorded singing.

Verse 1 (So now it's time to say...): Mrs Denham's bubble

Chorus first half: Mr Moorhouse's bubble

Chorus Second half: 6CP at home

Verse 2: (so keep in mind) Mrs Saund's bubble

Chorus first half: 6MD at home

Chorus Second half: Mrs Mc Vittee's bubble

Verse 3 (So take good care): Miss Clarkes's bubble

Final Chorus: 6CP and 6MD at home and all bubbles


IF you really don't want to be recorded then ask someone to take a photo of you singing instead.

Keep practising!





Quick word starter







"Spittleworth had a statue of Nobby Buttons made, and placed it in the middle of the largest public square in Chouxville. Seated on a magnificent charger, with his bronze cloak flying out behind him and a look of determination on his boyish face, Buttons was forever frozen in the act of galloping back to the City-Within-The-City. It became fashionable to lay flowers around the statue’s base every Sunday."


You may have seen a lot in the new recently about statues and what they represent. If you haven't seen anything, this is an interesting news article:


Today, we would like you to think about who, in your opinion, deserves to have a statue to be made in their honour. It could be a sportsperson (like Billy Bremner outside Ellend Road Football Stadium), a war hero, an astronaut, an author, anyone who inspires you or think should be remembered in the future.

We would like you to write a short statement about why you think a statue should be erected of them.






Have a go at 'Hit the Button!'



Today our maths is all about reflection!


Leaver's activity!

Today is a poem! Look at the poem titled'I am' It follows a clear format. Today try and write your own poem using the example to help you. Decorate it appropriately and put it in your Leavers book.