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Thursday 26th March

Morning again Year 3.

We're now day 4 into our new regime. The teachers have enjoyed looking at the lovely work and photos you've been emailing in.  Please keep them coming because we're missing you and are keen to see what you've been up to.  We'll add everything to our new home learning gallery.


Why not start the new day off with a scavenger hunt around the garden/ house? 
Can you collect as many things you starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Some will be really tricky so maybe collect in any order but don't repeat letters. eg B-ball / blade of grass  P - pebble L - leaf.
You could do this all by yourself or with an older or younger sibling and let parents get on with their important jobs!


Reading/Writing- Read a book and find 3 new, tricky words and include them in a 'wow' sentence using the '5 finger check' including a conjunction (joining word like while, because), an adverb (quickly, slowly, furiously), an adjective ( a describing word) and an expressive verb ( plodded, strolled, bounded).


Time. Keep looking at the clock today and work out the time. How long will it be in 1 hour, 30 minutes.  If you have access to an IPad or phone, you could type in 'maths frame' and 'time' to find a time-telling game we've used in class before.  The settings at the beginning let you make the game as easy or hard as you like.



DT - Why not design and make something for a real purpose like a little boat for a toy at bathtime, or a game to play with a younger sibling to help with their home learning or a penpot to hold all your pens in.  Take a picture and send it to your teacher.


Save your parents a job and make your own packed lunch (with their permission of course).
Practise spreading margerine, cutting bread and tomatoes. Is it a healthy lunch?  How does it fit onto the 'Eatwell plate'? Can you make a packed lunch for someone else too?



Have fun and enjoy that lovely sunshine.

From the Year 3 teachers.


I'm going to be listening to this again!