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What country does this flag and greeting come from? Can you find it on a map?

Everyday, I'll add a different flag and greeting.



Starter: look at my little mini tree map below. In our letters, we will be telling Mr Boggington how sad, angry and worried we are about his idea. But these aren’t very exciting words! Draw your own map and write some synonyms to up level the words and find better ones!


Writing: When we write a letter tomorrow, we will need to be very persuasive. Look at Natalie’s writing, below, persuading people to vote for her. How does she persuade us?


Now, using the sentence starters, also below, finish each one to create a set of sentences persuading Mr Boggington not to open the factory.

You can use these sentences tomorrow!

Resources for today's English lesson


Please complete the FB4 to begin with.


Please see video on white rose summer week 4 lesson 4 on dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

The sheet to go alongside the video is saved underneath or will be in your home learning pack named ‘scaling’.


Something easier

There are some questions on the sheet which are easy and should be accessible to all however you could also try making towers with lego or similar building blocks using 2 colours. Keep the colours together and then generate statements to describe the relationship between the two colours. Eg 3 red blocks and 9 yellow blocks – There are 3 times as many yellow blocks as red blocks.  An adult will need to be present to model this because sometimes it won’t be possible to generate a statement eg 2 red and 3 yellow.

Something harder


Please use bar models to assist with this. I’ve modelled the first underneath. Calculate the length of coach from what you know about train and then the car.


Hola Mis Amigos!


Today we will try some Spanish revision.   You have learnt about animals with Mrs Weston and today, we will revisit this topic. 

Log onto Babel Zone and log in using the school username and password n1 and n1.  Click the Spanish flaf and then select topic 5 'las animales'.

You can explore with the games and the songs. Some of the songs you should know.

Then try the sheet where you add the labels to the pictures. I've saved a copy below as well.

As an extension, have a go at writing a short sentence about an animal describing the colour. eg El perro es negro. (The dog is black.)  Please note 'El perro' - 'The dog' whereas 'Un perro' - 'A dog'.