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What country does this greeting and Flag come from? Can you find it on a world map? What continent does it lay on?



Please read Chapter 3 or listen to it on the link below.

Did you see any of the conjunctions below in this chapter or the last two chapters?

A conjunction is a word that links two parts of a sentence together.


Have a go at creating some sentences that contain one of these conjunctions linking two ideas together. Try to link your sentences to the chapters we have read so far if you can.


eg Charlie perched wide eyed on the end of the bed while Grandpa Jo told him all about the magnificent factory.

Grandpa Jo sat wearily in bed until Charlie came home from school each day.





Start off with FB4 

Go to White Rose Homelearning Summer Week 5 day 4.

Again choose the purple 'Already covered this content' option and watch the 4th video.

The matching sheet looks like this, is saved below and should be in your home learning packs.

Something easier

Practise adding 2 2 digit numbers using base 10 like below. ( sticks for 10's and dots for 1's)






Or if you feel confident, try adding 2 3 digit number. Hundreds are represented by squares.






Something Harder

What if the numbers were 3, 4 and 5?

What if the numbers were 0, 4 and 2?






Design and Technology.



Option 1

Time to make your chocolate recipe you designed yesterday.  If you're in a key worker bubble or the person looking after you is busy, then don't worry, you might be able to have a go on a different day.  Because, you are melting chocolate, you must have adult supervision. Chocolate can be easily melted in the microwave but I always end up burning it.  I prefer to put it in a glass bowl and put the bowl in a pan of hot water. Try to make it look appealing to the person who is going to eat it which will probably be you. Please send me a picture if you have time.

Option 2

You're going to design a wrapper for your new chocolate bar.Think of a good brand name for your bar and think about how you can make your wrapper stand out from the rest.