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Thursday 30th April



To start the day, here is a quote from one of Miss McLaughlan's favourite books - Harry Potter!

Have a lovely day.



Thursday's amazing activities

Link to Bitesize - apostrophes for possession: 


Today's English is learning about playscripts. Have a look at the slides above and this funny video on the BBC:


Here is a little tale between Mr and Mrs Twit. Can you turn it into a play?


Mr and Mrs Twit are in the kitchen.

Mrs Twit wiped her snotty nose straight onto the sleeves on her tatty, stinking apron and turned to her husband.

"Do you want a cup of tea my sweet Mr Twit?" spat Mrs Twit sneakily.

"Yes I do," replied Mr Twit, "but I am not sweet! What are you up to?"

"Nothing," muttered Mrs Twit as she laughed behind his back.

Mrs Twit walked over to the crusted old teapot and started to tip soil from the garden into the teabags!


Carry on the story if you wish after!


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