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Thursday 30th April


Since being in lockdown, there have been many things that we have had to adapt to! Many thinks that we have had to change and many thanks that we can not do. But I have found myself being 'thankful' for the simple things in life.

I find myself appreciating them more. Often we are so busy we don't get time to reflect.

I have been thankful for having some time to read a book - usually I am too tired! 

What are you thankful for today? 

Maybe you could make a list and send it to us so we can share them with you all. It is so nice to hear from you and we love sharing your achievements with the rest of you. We hope you are enjoying seeing one another through a selection of pictures on the class page! 



English Writing Task - Iron Man


Chapter 4 ends with this sentence...


'The Iron Man had had the most stupendous idea. The Iron Man would go out, as the champion of the earth, against this monster from space.' 


We would like you to make a prediction on what you think the Iron Man's idea is. When you are predicting, you need to think carefully about what you already know. What do we already know about the Iron Man and the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon? What have they already tried to do? Why did that plan fail? 


We want to give you a little freedom with this task so you can choose how to present your prediction. 

You could....

  • Draw a diagram, explaining how the Iron Man is going to defeat him 
  • Write your own ending to the story
  • Create a comic strip about what will happen next 
  • Record a story ending predicting what the Iron Man would do. 



Marvellous Maths!


Below is your maths starter. Work through each question and remember to answer the clock question.


Click on the link above and go to Week 2 and lesson 4. Watch the video and work through the activities.

History - have you seen the whole school History competition?

Have a go at the competition below! 

School Closure History Competition! 

Take part in this competition and send your entries


My House is My Museum 

Imagine creating your own exhibition or gallery of artworks inspired by you! What would you like people to know about you? What are the important things in your home that are close to your heart? Who might you paint a picture of? Toys, special outfits, holiday souvenirs and much-loved teddy bears are some of the many things you might wish to include as objects are artworks.

Liverpool Museums have set a challenge for all children aged 4-11. 

Please follow the link below to find out more on how to enter!