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Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Year 6 - how can it be Thursday already? Hope you are all safe and well and enjoying working wherever you are studying at the moment.


English: Today is a continuation of the research that you started yesterday. Are there any really unique or interesting facts about your destination?  Are there any animals or plants that only live or grow there or that might be endangered? Keep researching- the more facts you have -the better your letter will be!.


Challenge 2: Click on the video to see the second challenge from Jenny. Can you find out the answers to her questions?



Maths: Percentages of number it is today! Very useful if there is a sale in the shops!

Back to your 'Leaver's Booklets': Today you are going to do the 'All about Me' page. It will be great to look back at this in years to come. When Miss Pattenden was younger, she wanted to work in a shoe shop - until she discovered she might end up with blisters on her fingers doing up all the buckles and laces. A teacher was her second choice!

The big box is space for you to draw a picture of yourself!

You know the routine now - when this is done stick it onto the next page of your booklet.




The second Leaver's task today is 'My journey so Far'. Life is definitely a journey (in fact the last 10 weeks have been a real journey for the world). What key events or memories can you remember that have shaped you to become the wonderful Year 6 pupil you are now? Add each one to a pin point on the road. You can add colour or pictures if you like.

Remember to stick them into your booklet!