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Tuesday 12th May

 English Task - Role on the Wall. 

Today you are going to be thinking about describing the character Rock.

Hopefully you will now have some understanding of him from yesterday's activities. I have explained the activity in the video below.



You may want to us an online thesaurus to up-level your vocabulary.



Monumental Maths!


Click on the picture below and carry out the ordering maths starter shown. 



Now, click on the picture below which will take you to the Whiterose Maths Website. We are working in the Summer Term- Week 3, Lesson 2. 



The worksheet that matches this task can be found below.

If you would like some more help or you would like to carry out an additional task click on the picture below which will take you to the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons. 


Creative Challenge

Remember this book from Year 2?

Watch it here:


Worry Dolls are tiny, hand-crafted dolls from Guatemala. The dolls are clothed in traditional Mayan costumes and are usually no bigger than your thumb.


They are made from wire or wood and wrapped in scraps of fabric or thread. You take only one worry doll per worry and tell them your worry before you go to bed. Then, you place them under your pillow when you sleep. The legend of the worry dolls says that when you wake up the worry doll will be gone, just like your worry.



Your task

Can you make your own worry dolls? Have a look at the images below for inspiration. We'd love to see some of your creations!