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Tuesday 16th June

Hi Year 6,


Lots of you have been sending us your own riddles and they have been great! This week, could you have a go at finding and performing some tongue twisters. Mrs Denham asked her great aunt for her favourite tongue twister and it's a tricky one!

"Betty Botter bought some butter
But she said the butter’s bitter
If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter
But a bit of better butter will make my batter better
So ‘twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter"


English: A quick starter to get your brains ticking :)


Now let's read the next chapter of The Ickabog.

Sometime we can find ourselves in difficult situations where if we tell the truth it may hurt the feelings of someone or get somebody into trouble. However, if we lie we may get ourselves into trouble. Do you think Major Beamish right to tell the truth about Daisy Dovetail? What might happen to Daisy next?


Today we would like you to write two short paragrahs: the first predicting what will happen if Major Beamish told the truth, and the second paragraph predicting what will happen in Major Beamish lied.

Maths: As always. a quick starter and then into your White Rose maths :)


Leaver's Booklet: We're going to continue on the poem theme and today write a Kennings Poem. This is simple, but effective, poem where each line follows the same structure of 'Noun Verb'.


So for example, the beginning of a Kenning's Poem about a penguin might be:

Fish Catcher

Sea Diver

Egg Protector


Another beginnging for Mrs Denham might be:

Coffee Drinker

Basketball Shooter

Hoody wearer


Below is a structure you can follow, but if you prefer to choose your own verbs, go for it! Similarly to the haiku poem, a draft version before writing it up in neat might be a good idea.