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Tuesday 16th June

English task

Let's have another look at fronted adverbials. Watch the video below to help you recap and then complete the activity sheet.

What are fronted adverbials?

Maths task

Watch the White Rose video and complete the activity sheet below.

'The Romans' art project

One of the most popular types of sculpture in ancient Rome was the bust. This is a sculpture of just the head. Wealthy Romans would put busts of their ancestors in their home to show off their lineage (where their families came from). Roman sculptures reflected the styles of the time. From surviving sculptures, we can tell a great deal about Roman clothing, hairstyles, and ideas about beauty.


Task: make an observational drawing of one of the busts. Focus carefully on how you use tone. Look at the contrast between the light and dark areas. You can draw in pencil and add shading using black pencil crayon, biro or felt tip pen. I find it easier to see the darker areas if I half close my eyes from time to time!