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Tuesday 19/5/20


Weekly Spelling

This week we are looking at the alternative graphemes for the 'or' sound. 

Challenge:- Look through one of your story books at home and write a list of all the words that you can find that include the different spellings of the 'or' sound - aw, oor, au, al.

A good book for finding 'aw' words is 'The Gruffalo'! 



Diary writing.


Create your diary entry for today - Remember to write the full date!


Today try to include details about your daily exercise - What exercise did you do? Where did you go? Can you describe the route you took and what you saw on the way? You might want to draw a map showing where you went or draw a picture of something interesting you saw along the way. 




Practice using the sentence: 'There are __ groups of ___.'

The fifth lesson in the second block of lessons on multiplication, aimed at Year 1 and 2 pupils, in a series produced by the NCETM during the school closures period in summer 2020.