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Tuesday 19th May

Hi year 6,


We hope you are enjoying this week's theme.


English: If your island is going to start to have inhabitants who live there, do you need to set some laws for them to live by? May countries have legal systems:

  • To prevent anti-social and unacceptable behaviour.
  • To identify who should rightfully own items and property.
  • To regulate family and personal relationships e.g. getting married, inheritance etc.
  • To provide a means for citizens to resolve disputes with other citizens.

We would like you to design a poster that gives details of the most important laws on your island.



Why was the math book depressed?

It had a lot of problems.

Geography: Every country in the world has its own distinctive traditions, culture and language. Your island currently has no identity, and now’s the time to start creating one. In this task, you will design a national flag. The national flag of a country can often have a deep meaning and hold symbolic significance for the people of a nation. Have a look at the Flag resource below for further information on existing flags around the world and why their flags look the way they do (I’m sure you already know all about the first one).

If you wanted an optional extension, you could even write (and perform) your own national anthem for your flag!