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Tuesday 19th May

English - Poetry Week

Remember that throughout the week, we will be learning about different types of poems, writing different poems and by the end of the week performing your favourite poem from the week! Yesterday you will have written a limerick poem. Today you will be writing an acrostic poem. On Friday you will be able to send in your favourite poem for 'Poetry Got Talent' and I will post all the entries onto the class page! 


Today's task: Acrostic Poem

Watch the video below to understand what an acrostic poem is.



Then have a go at the activity below before writing your own acrostic poem. 


Again, you can write your acrostic about your own topic. I have put down a few words that may help inspire you!


Magnificent Maths!


Start the maths lesson by playing a number bonds activity on Hit the Button.


Now click on the picture below to begin today's maths lesson on equivalent fractions (Summer 1, Week 5, lesson 2).



If you would like to have some extra support or carry out some more activities linked to our maths focus, then click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons. 




Today I would like you to explore where different types of food comes from. 


Pick 10 items from your cupboard. 

Read the label to find our where it come from

Find it on a map (you may need to draw one or print one out) 

Label it like in the picture


Questions to consider:

Are there any items that come from countries you wouldn't expect? 

Why do you think food comes from different countries? 

How does it end up on our supermarket shelves? 

Has this food always come from this country? If not, where did it originate from? 

Pick an item of food and find out the distance it travelled. Which one has travelled the most to get to our supermarket shelves?