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Tuesday 21st April

Hi Year 6,


We hope you enjoyed the book we introduced yesterday. We wonder, have you read any good books recently? We'd love to hear about them. Mrs Denham has just finished Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth (which she'd very much recommend) and needs another suggestion.


English: Let's continue with the Gargoyle :)


Maths: How are you getting on with these White Rose Lessons? It's good to keep progressing when you're at home.

*Remember, Q3 of Problems of the Day is the tricky one!*


Your Gargoyle Game: How are you getting on? Did you manage to think of a creative game to make?

Today we would like you to begin putting the game together. This could be creating the artwork for it, writing questions or instructions, whatever you decide is a good starting point. We can't wait to see these and, hopefully, get to play them with you!