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Tuesday 21st April

Welcome back Year 4,

It was so lovely to hear from some of you yesterday and we look forward to hearing from more of you today. Keep smiling and enjoy today's tasks.

English - Grammar 


Complete pages 24 and 25 - Prepositions.

English - Writing Task. 


Today Miss Clarke has set you a writing task which has been explained in a video. Watch the video first before looking at today's English resources. 

Video explaining today's task. 

Word Banks - try and include some of these words into your menus to make your food sound extra tasty! 

Maths Mental Starter


Click on the link. Highlight level 4, Rounding, Up to 999 to the nearest 100.

Tenths as Decimals


Click on this link and go to Week 1, Lesson 2 (do not go into the summer term yet). Watch the video and carry out the activity sheet.

Experiment Time


Today, you are going to carry out the experiment you planned yesterday.


Questions to ask and explore:

  • Have you made you test fair?
  • What things have you changed?
  • What things have you kept the same?
  • Does the shape of the ice effect how quickly it melts?


 Send in any pictures, results and what you have found out from your experiment today. Go Scientists!