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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Year 3!


We hope that yesterday's home learning went well.


Why not start this morning with a P.E. session? Lots of you seemed to have enjoyed Joe Wicks 30 minute P.E. session yesterday. It was tiring but fab! Maybe we could start the day with that again!


On your learning grid we asked to write a conversation between you and a friend remembering to use speech marks.


I have two special friends Wilf and Spencer they have lots of fun and adventures together. Wilf is the small mischievous one on the left.

Your task (writing): To write a conversation between Wilf and Spencer or you could do thought bubbles to capture what they might be thinking.



Maths - if you didn't get a chance yesterday, continue to look at the White Rose Maths on fractions and work through the lessons. You could also start doing a flashback four each day like we do in our lessons! They are on the resources section.


Other - could you do something kind for someone today? Do a job, draw a picture, write a note or letter.


Email your teacher with any amazing work or to ask for help! Have a lovely day and most importantly remember to stay safe and be kind.


Mrs Wray, Mrs Lambert and Miss McLaughlan