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Tuesday 28th April

Hi Year 6,


Thank you to those of you who have completed yesterday's survey - it's lovely to read your comments :)


English: Hopefully, you haven't been hearing the following phrases at home recently:

"You're driving me round the bend!" (You're being annoying!)

"Put a sock in it!" (Be quiet!)


"You're making a song and dance about it!" (You're being dramatic!)

These are all called idioms.


Maths: Today is the last lesson on angles, so do your best and give it a good go!

Get moving: We're not doing Joe Wicks today but we would like you to get active and release those positive endorphins with an alphabet challenge with a twist. Spell out your name and complete the activities listed. If you want an extra challenge, try your full name. You could even use your friend's name, a family member, singer, etc.

**It'd be a good idea to change 'M - 3 somersaults' to 'M - 3 roly polys' unless you are Simone Biles. A&E is not where we'd like you to end up!**