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Tuesday 2nd June

Happy Tuesday Year 6 - the sun is still shining and its going to reach temperatures of 23 degrees today! Make sure you have time to get outdoors and don't forget the sunscreen!


English: Another 'Pobble' day! Remember this picture from yesterday? Your work from your sentence challenge from yesterday will really help with today's work. Use the story starter below to write your own description - obviously you can start your work in another way if you prefer. Be descriptive, add adjectives, synonyms and be creative. We can't wait to see your finished work!



A bit of creativity if you have  some extra time-draw another creature you'd find in the waters. Can you include this creature in your description? Maybe you could make it out of clay, play-doh, junk models? Or how about making a cake/some cookies in the shape of your new creature?


Maths: Today's maths is a revision of fractions, decimals and percentages and their equivalence.


Science: There are two options today, both which involve experimenting with the properties of different liquids. *Marble painting: try using a tooth pick (or something similar) to swirl the oil and food colouring and make more delicate patterns.*

**Lava lamp: If you don't have an alka seltzer or alternative 'fizzy' tablet (make sure you have your parent's permission for this one), apparently baking soda also works.**