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Tuesday 30th June

Last day in June. Did you know that June used to be the fourth month in the year? Until Julius Caesar came to power,the calendar only had 10 months. In 46 BC he created two extra months. Can you find out which ones they were?




Use your spelling words to describe each of these scenes. How many words are appropriate to use?



Vocabulary check

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. 










Before you read the next chapter, complete today's task first.


"‘Now, I need one of you gentlemen to assist Major Roach in burying the body of our dear Chief Advisor – and be sure and put him where he won’t be found. The rest of you are free to return to your families and inform them of the danger threatening our beloved Cornucopia.’"


Reread that last sentence. Imagine you have to return to your family and tell them of the immediate danger they are in. How would you do it and what approach would you take? Would you be direct and tell them the truth? Would you tell a white lie to your children as to not panic them and tell your partner something else? Or would you make up a much more wild story?

Your task today is to write a script for what you would say once you return home.





Quick flashback 4 starter to keep those brains ticking over!



Have a go at this problem - make sure you get the correct answer - you need to be closest to 300.



Maths today is reading co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants. Good luck! 


Please remember to keep learning your 'Leavers' Song!



Today you are going to think about a mini autobiography and thinking in particular about your future. These are in your packs. Remember to plan before you write.