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Tuesday 31st March

A Cloudy Lesson - Keep Your Eyes Open! 

Watch the video again but this time we would like you to hunt the video for as many emotions as possible!

How many of these emotions / attitudes do you see the characters experiencing throughout the short story?

Tick each as you see it (or label with ‘M’ for Man and ’B’ for Boy to show who experienced each emotion).

You may need to watch the clip two or three times.

Warm up your maths brain this morning with a TT Rockstar!

A battle has been set between 4VL and 4ZC! Who will come out on top by the end of the week?


Next we would like you to complete Fractions Lesson 5 and Lesson 6 - this lesson is about adding and subtracting fractions.

 You will find the sheet for this lesson in Home Learning Resources. 

If you need some help, before you complete the sheet we have set you a task on Mathletics which should help.