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Tuesday 31st March

Hi Year 6,


We really hope you are all ok, keeping busy and staying safe. We miss you!


Get moving: At this point in the school year, we would be having lots of short breaks to maintain your concentration so here's a fun task we'd like you to do this morning. Please copy, and to the best of your ability, learn this song and dance so we can all perform it together when we next see each other!


English: This is the fun, creative task today! We'd like you to design your world or adventure, theme park! 


Maths: Let's carry on with ratio as I imagine you are getting quite good at it now! Remember, you can check your answers using the inverse!


Science: How much do you know about 'light'?

We'd like you to complete the two light challenges from the grid: 'Light it up' and 'Build-a-book'. However, if you don't want to build a book and would like to present it an alternative way (e.g. a video as a scientist, a powerpoint presentation, diagrams in chalk, etc), that is fine! You may need to do a little bit of research or ask an adult for help with a couple of the scientific words such as 'refraction'. 

As always, we can't wait to see them and we hope we learn something from you! #everydayisaschoolday