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Tuesday 5th May

English Spelling Task 


These words are you statutory spelling words for this half term. It is important you learn them and understand the meaning of the word. When you have done this, write them on separate pieces of card/paper. Then ask your parents to hide them around the house or in the garden.













Now, go on a hunt to find them. As soon as you have found the first word, use it to write a sentence. Then go and hunt for the next word. As you find each spelling, try to write a new sentence which includes that word and that follows on from the previous sentence.


I wonder what weird and wonderful paragraphs we will get! 


My example

This is the order I found the words: surprise, bicycle, favourite 


My paragraph

On my birthday, there is often a surprise waiting for me downstairs. Last year, it was a pink bicycle. My dad knew it was my favourite because I had spotted it in the shops a few weeks ago. 


Magnificent Maths!

Let's start our maths lesson with our Flashback 4.


Today is the last day for you to battle against each other Year 4. Who wins, you decide! Will it be 4ZC or 4VL?



Today, we will be continuing our work on the Whiterose Website. You will need to click onto the Summer Term-Week 3 (w/c 4th May) as seen below.



The picture below shows you the lesson for today. Please click on it and and it will take you to the Whiterose website. 



You can go onto BBC Bitesize to watch another video and carry out extra work! Click on the link below if you would like to do this.


Art task

Make your own piece of art in the style of Beatriz Milhazes.

It can be a painting, junk model sculpture, drawing or collage.

We had a go at making a collage from some of Ida's craft materials.

Have a look at what other children have created. Note the repeating patterns, especially circles and flowers and the bold colours.