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Tuesday 7th July

Happy Tuesday Year 6. Let's start the day with some riddles-one of Miss Pattenden's favourite things .


1) It belongs to you, but your friends use it more. What is it?


2) I make a loud sound when I'm changing. When I do change, I get bigger but weigh less. What am I?


3) It has keys, but no locks, It has space but no room. You can enter, but can't go inside. What is it?







Answer the reading comprehension questions below:



How had Spittleworth made sure that noone would ask questions about the Dovetails? 

What evidence is there that the inhabitants believe his story? 

Why did Bert miss Daisy? 

When does Mrs Beamish become suspect that news of Mr Dovetail's treason may have reached Spittleworth? 

Where did Mrs Beamish go? Why? 

Why did Mrs Beamish continue to stare at the little girls yellow dress?


How long did it take Mr Dovetail to carve the foot?

What did he do to keep his mind occupied?

What did he expect his reward to be when he'd finished?

What was his actual reward?

Do you think he knew what wasn't going to be released?


Where did they hide the Ickabog's foot?

Why did they choose Tubby Tenderloin's house?

How would trashing Tubby Tenderloin's house help Spittleworth?

Why do you think he has taken such drastic measures to prove that the Ickabog exists?


If you've finished, catch up on the illustration competition:


the gigantic wooden foot

Monstrous footprints on the ground

Blood and chicken feathers


Remember, you need an adult to send in your images and all images must be sent in by 17th July.





Day two of the cinema suspects - work logically and systematically!



Leaver's activity is to reflect on your biggest achievements and your life long learning! This sheet is in your pack.