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Morning Year 3

Answers for yesterday's riddle.  There were 9 small squares, 4 2 by 2 squares and 1 3 by 3 squares making a total of 14 squares.


I've found a cracking brain teaser to get you thinking this morning.


Now time to move onto the next chapter of Charlie and Chocolate Factory which is Chapter 12. However, so we can finish the whole book before the end of term, we will read two chapters on some days and today is one of those days so we will read chapter 12 and 13.

You can listen to me read these chapters on the video resource centre.

Can you answer some of the questions saved below.  You might just want to discuss them with a grown up.

Comprehension Quesions


Start with the FB4.

Now watch the video underneath and complete the sheet in your packs named 'subtract lengths' which is also saved underneath.

Lesson 2 - Subtract lengths

Lesson 2 - Subtract lengths

Something Easier

Find the difference between these pairs of lengths. (Remember difference means take away).

20cm and 15cm

100cm and 80cm

25cm and 20cm

40cm and 50cm

5cm and 15cm

1m and 2m

You could use a 100 square to find the difference by finding the smaller number and then counting up to the bigger number. Remember you can jump up in 10's as well as 1's. I've saved a 100 square underneath.

Something Harder/extension


Science - investigating how different objects reflect different amounts of light.


Exp 1. You will need a torch and a mirror to do this.

Find a room which can be made dark by drawing the curtains. Shine the torch into the mirror and see the reflection of the light on the wall/ceiling.




Exp.2 Take a piece of black card and fold it in half so it is open at about 90 degrees. Hold the card over an object on the table, put the torch quite close and shine it onto the object. Look to see how bright the reflection is on the card to help decide how shiny the object is. If you don't have black card or paper at home then just try shining the torch onto the object in a darkened room.  Good objects to test are: coins, spoons, keys, dark things like socks, paper etc.

Which materials reflect light best? What do these things have in common?


Now watch the following video ( you should have seen this before last week) which will reinforce the concept of reflecting light.


I have put together a Kahoot Quiz to test your learning on light and reflection.  Please visit

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