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Tuesday 9th June

English task

Recap what we have learnt in Grammar so far by completing the Grammar activity mats below. The website link will take you to BBC Bitesize where you can watch clips about different areas of Grammar that you may be unsure of.

Maths task

Warm your brains up with a quick true or false challenge!

Now recap your knowledge of days of the week and months of the year and complete the activity sheet below.

Keeping safe project

Download or write out the scenarios below and order them into the least to the most risky. You could do this with a friend (via the internet) or a member of your family. Can you give a reason for why you have placed the card at the least or most risky?

Challenge! Read the cards again and think carefully about where the pressure is coming from in each situation. Can you make a circle map to list ways in which feeling pressure can make you behave?