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Alwoodley Primary School

Learning Together, Growing Stronger.

Vision and Values

Learning Together, Growing Stronger.


During Autumn Term 2019 we held a School Motto Election.  School Council worked on a new School Motto producing a short list of 3. A whole school ballot took place on the day of the General Election. Pupils, parents, teachers and governors voted for their favourite motto. The winning motto by an overwhelming majority was “Learning Together, Growing Stronger”. 



At Alwoodley Primary School, we have chosen a tree to symbolise our values and vision. This tree represents the growth we want to develop in every pupil and teacher.


Our school is like a mighty tree.

It has:


Strong Roots - these represent secure foundations:


We have shared values and common goals.


We are embedded and valued in the community.


Families help us to nurture and develop our pupils.


Leadership at all levels provides consistently high expectations.


School council ensures that pupil voice is captured in a democratic way.


Governors share our vision and work hard to ensure our school. 

continues to be the best it can be.


Motivated and well trained staff encourage and nurture our growth.



A strong trunk - this will support our continued growth:


Teaching and learning is well resourced and managed so that 

pupils work with up to date and relevant resources. 


We have a high quality learning environment inside and out that 

motivates and inspires our learners.


Staff training ensures that we learn from the best so we can be our best.


We develop resilience in our learners in order that they can 

overcome challenges and accomplish their aspirations.


We reflect on our practices and share innovative ideas.



Branches – these show our growth and help us

to reach our full potential:


We are committed to a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.


Our wider curriculum develops basic skills to prepare us for life.


Equal opportunities support all of our learners.


We provide a range of diverse experiences within the school and beyond our gates.


S.E.N.D. provision ensures that our curriculum is inclusive and 

every pupil is nurtured in a way they can fulfil their dreams.


Working with partners allows us to experience working with experts 

and supports pupils in realising their potential.



The leaves – these represent the children in our school. 


Each one is unique.  With our continued dedication to make our tree grow stronger, our aim is to 

help each individual flourish. In doing so, our pupils are prepared and fully equipped for the day 

when they leave our tree.