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Wednesday 10/6/2020


'The Lion King'


Use your tree map and drawing of the scene to help you start to write sentences about the scene.


Can you come up with an opening sentence to introduce where the scene is set? Think about where the story is set and the adjectives you recorded about the weather and scenery. 

E.g. In stunning Kenya the sun shone over the pride lands on the day Simba was born


Then write about the first first animal you saw in the scene. You could use you work from last week to help you. 

E.g. The tall, elegant giraffe cheered from the grassy plains.


Check your sentences:- 

  • punctuation - full stops, commas, capital letters, exclamation marks.
  • spellings - use of phonics to spell and check your tricky words. 
  • adjectives - try and use 2 in each sentence.