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Wednesday 1st April

A Cloudy Lesson

Diary writing

Imagine that you are the boy from the clip and write a diary to detail the events from the perspective of the boy.

Consider the questions below to help you. You may want to plan your diary first using these questions. 


Introduction - Write a brief introduction that outlines what your day was like and how it was different to a normal day. Don't give too much away! 


Paragraph 2 - A brief explanation of what you were doing at the start of your day. 

Was this your first attempt at blowing clouds?

Who is the man and why is he training you?

How were you feeling before your training?


Paragraph 3 - Blowing your first cloud

What was it like trying to blow your first cloud?

How did it make you feel?

Did you suddenly feel differently towards the old man?


Paragraph 4 - Breaking the cloud wand.

How did you feel when you broke the wand? 

What were you thinking when you looked up at the old man?

What did the man say to you when you bent the wand?


Concluding Paragraph - How did the day end? 

Were you expecting what happened next?

How will you remember this day?


When you start to write your diary I want you to try and include some of the WOW words below

Remember to also include:

  1. Past tense - your writing should be in past tense as if the events have already happened.
  2. Use personal pronouns such as 'I, we, my and me'
  3. Include feelings and internal thoughts



Today in Maths we will be finding fractions of amounts.

Watch the video below first to help you understand.

Then complete Maths Lesson 7 from the home learning resources section.


Calculating a fraction of an amount

Ancient Greek Pottery


Ancient Greek Pottery can tell you a lot of information about what life was like for the Ancient Greeks.

Look at the online collection that has been collected by the British Museum.

When you click on the images you will find out some more information. 

Use this collection to help you create your own Greek Pottery artefact.

This could be a sculpture or a drawing. Don't forget to send us some pictures!