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Wednesday 1st April

Happy April 

Good morning Year 3


Are you ready for another exciting day of activities?

I’m especially excited about the Kahoot Quiz at 10am. Simply visit the website with the link below or download the App, with parents permission of course. I will text the pin code at 5 mins to 10 and wait for people to join. Use your initials in your name so we know who you are. If you miss it or don’t have access to the computer at that time - don’t worry, we’ll be doing another one next week.




Today please would you follow the online lessons on ‘White Rose - Home Learning’ using the link below. You can watch the video and answer the questions on the sheet in your book. If this is a bit tricky or can’t get your hands on a computer then practise your fractions using your workbook in your pack, or the sheets that were provided.


Reading  - 

Please could you have a go at one of the comprehensions in your pack. If you’ve already done them or can’t print any out then could you read a new text ( maybe the First News in your pack) and make a little glossary of new terms.



Look at the picture below and write some ‘Wow sentences’ to describe the picture.


Don’t forget the 5 finger check!


Remember these are just suggestions  - we wouldn’t expect you to be doing all these activities everyday. Just do what you can, where you are with what you have! Good luck.

Love from the Year 3 teachers.