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Wednesday 20th May

Hi Year 6,


The weather is going to be a scorcher today! Make sure you put that sun cream on!


English: Today, we’d like you to approach the ‘island’ theme in a different way: this time you are stranded… You always see on films and in books that people try to communicate by writing a message in a bottle. That is what we’d like you to do today but… the only bit of paper you can find is small so you have a 50 word limit! What would you need to tell people? Every. Word. Counts.

You could even go one step further and tea stain and rip paper, or write using something found outside to make it authentic.



Why can you never trust a teacher holding graph paper?

They must be plotting something.

Design and Technology: So you’ve found yourself stranded on a desert island and you can’t see how you’re going to find a way out. You’re going to have to prepare for the worst and find ways to survive the night and potentially the week… or more!