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Wednesday 22nd April

English Spelling Task 

Can you spot Mr Whoops' spelling mistakes in the paragraph below. 

My favorite day of the week has always been a Sunday. Even as a young boy, I rimembur Sundays being diferent and speshial. Most weeks, I would visit Granny Whoops’ house, where we would have roast beef, mashed potatos and Yorkshire puddings. Allthough she was famos for her huge portions, I would make every last mouthful disapere. One Sunday lunchtime, I accidentilly tripped while carrying my plate. Luckily, Granny corght it but got covered in gravy! From then on, Granny made me promize never to walk around with crockery ever again. She’s such an over-cautious womin!

Once you have spotted them, can you find the correct spelling using a dictionary. Have a go at practices them! They are important spellings because they are our Statutory Spellings

English Writing Task - Write and Design A Menu

Click on the video below to discovers today's writing task. 


Mental Maths Starter!


A quick warm up to get you ready for your maths activity today.


Tenths on a place value grid


Click on the link and go to week 1, lesson 3 to watch the video. Carry out the activity task. 


You could do this practically as shown below.

Which one is the correct representation?

Art Attack!

Have a go at task 2. We can't wait to see your work!