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Wednesday 25th March

Morning Year 3!

Keep doing what you are doing because you have all been fantastic! Thank you for emailing your work and keeping in touch, we will keep adding photos of you and your work to our class page. Have a look at the bottom of this page for some.

Let’s try and help Joe Wicks this morning break past the one million followers.


Parents -  Thank you so much for your support and hard work. We just wanted to remind you that there is no pressure to complete everything - just do what you can. Do what is best for your family.


Today - get your nose stuck in a book!

We would love you to spend some time reading today.
It could be your own book, library or colour banded books. You could retell the story after, describe a character, write the next part or write a little review for Starbooks!


Have a go at a 60-second read from your home pack or one from the resources page. No peeking at the answers!!!


Task 2: Stone age art - keeping our project going!

On the resources page you will see a page to give you some inspiration, remember you could get outdoors for this one! There are so many things you could do.
We'd love to see your creations.


Finally... have you seen this? We are going to tune in!

Have a lovely day. It looks like nice weather. smiley


Year 3 Teachers x



Photos of your hard work!

Photos of your hard work! 1 Ava's conversation
Photos of your hard work! 2 David's rainbow
Photos of your hard work! 3 Søren's rainbow
Photos of your hard work! 4 Jack's conversation