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Happy Wednesday Year 3

My favourite part of summer is listening to the birds sing in the trees. It always makes me feel happy and relaxed.  My favourite bird song is the blackbird's song. Just for fun today, go and sit in the garden and spend 5 minutes just listening.  What birds can you hear? Can you hear different birds? Do you know which noise belongs to which bird? You could ask a grown up to help or use the following website to study some sounds first.

If it makes you feel happy and relaxed listening to the birds, then use that when you're feeling stressed or sad to make yourself feel calm and happy. It also works listening staying inside and opening the windows but remember to ask an adult before you open any windows.


Grammar: ‘prepositions of time’ complete this from your pack if you have a sheet, if not it is below for you to look at. Do what you can and write down the answers on paper.


English: We are going to start preparing to write a letter back telling Mr Boggington  why he shouldn’t build an onion factory.

Have a look at my reasons below. Now choose your top 4 reasons  using mine and your own. You will use these later in your letter.


Now, write 4 sentences using the conjunctions below to give reasons why the factory isn’t a good idea. Make sure the clause before and after the conjunction link and address the same point eg  My favourite part of summer time at school is playing and learning on our outdoor areas but with your ridiculous factory, this won't be possible.   OR   Children could end up with serious injuries when they are playing on hard tarmac whereas if they took a fall on the soft grass, these accidents could be prevented.


Grammar Sheet for today - prepositions of time

Resources for today's English lesson


Please complete the FB4 to begin with.


Please see video on white rose summer week 4 lesson 3 on dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

The sheet to go alongside the video is saved underneath or will be in your home learning pack named ‘Divide 2 digits by a 1 digit (2)’.


Something easier

Find some objects at home to use eg marbles, moshi monsters etc and complete the following divisions by counting out the amount of the first number and sharing it into groups. Eg 15 divided by 5 Count out 15 items and share between 5 toys.  How many does each toy get?







If this is a bit too easy but the sheet is a bit tricky try using the same method as on the video and sheet but with these numbers.





Something Harder


Basil the dog has 20 bones.  He sorts his bones into equal groups.  How many equal groups could he have sorted his bones into and how many would be in each group.  Find all possible answers and list systematically.

What if he had 24 bones?

What if he had 36 bones?

Design and Technology

This was set as a task before the holidays however I only received  the one entry from Hettie in 3WL so I'm popping the activity on today again in the hope I can get some more teddies on the catwalk!


Can you design and make an outfit for your favourite toy? It needs to fit well, look good and be appropriate for the weather.  Maybe you could have a little go at sewing, with parents permission of course. If you email your pics into me, Mrs Lambert ( then I will create a little toy fashion show on our class page. Looking forward to seeing those stylish toys.


This is Hettie's design.