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What country does this flag and greeting come from? Can you find it on a map? 

Which continent does it lie on?



Time to either read or listen to Chapter 2 from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We would like you now to answer the comprehension questions saved underneath. (Not in your packs)  There are 3 sets with the first set being the easiest and the last set being the hardest.  It does say on the sheet to answer in full sentences however we don't think that's necessary because we don't do that in class.  You will need to explain you're answer so it makes sense though but your answer could begin with 'because...'



Charlie and Chocolate Factory Reading Comprehension


Start off with FB4 – the same one as last week – saved below.

Go to White Rose Homelearning Summer Week 5 day 3.



Click on the purple option on the right and select the third video.

Then complete this sheet......

which is saved below and should also be in your home learning pack. However, it looks very much like other sheets so please be careful. Also, I only have the second part of the sheet in my pack at home which may suggest we've not put it in yours or muddled with another. Apologies if this is the case.

Something Easier

Please complete the following 2 digit subtractions using the method shown.





Represent the largest number with base 10 ( sticks represent 10's and dots represent 1's)

Then cross out the amount that represents the smaller number which in this case is 12.  However, many you have left is the answer.

Something Harder

Basil and Wilf both use the following digits to make a 3 digit number each.

4     5     7

eg Basil could make 457, 745 etc

Basil subtracts his number from Wilf's number.

What is the largest possible answer you could get?

What is the smallest possible answer you could get?

What subtraction would give a multiple of 10?

What subtraction would give you an answer with a 2's in the ones column?


Design and Technology

Today you are going to do the designing and tomorrow you may do the making with parents' permission. Today we would like you to design your own chocolate bar.


It is going to contain chocolate and other ingredients eg marshmallows, crushed biscuit, popping candy, sprinkles etc. There will be no actual baking or cooking just the melting of the chocolate and the preparing of the ingredients so hopefully parents will let you do this activity if not tomorrow, then maybe at the weekend. My two girls love making 'chocolate potions' as they call it and it does only really take 10-15 minutes.

If you're able to make your chocolate bar tomorrow then you'll need to think carefully about what ingredients you have in or are able to buy.   You will also need to think about what chocolate you will use: milk, dark or white. What shape it will be?  You will need to pour the melted chocolate mixture into a shape like ice cube trays or bun cases so think about what you have available.

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite.

Please make a labelled diagram of your chocolate bar, listing all your ingredients.