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Wednesday 29th April

Hi Year 6,


Half way through the week and from all of your emails, you're doing a great job! We love seeing what you are getting up to. Have a look at the photos on the Year 6 School Closure page to see what your year group buddies have been doing too.


English: The following task is a comprehension lesson with a twist. If you want to treat it like a Reading lesson similar to what we have in school, have a little boogie to the 'Hippo song' or the 'Pizza Man' dance first to get you in the mood.

(A larger copy of this extract is at the bottom of the page)


Maths: Problem solving next. Our favourite! Remember the strategies we use in school.

- Read the question carefully, twice, even out loud.

- Pick out the key information and turn it into a number sentence

- Solve the problem using an arithmetic method

- Ask yourself, is my answer sensible?

- Check using the inverse.


Geography: Miss Hill couldn't wait to set this task for you all! It's Geography Taboo!

See the Video Resource Centre where Miss Hill has made a video explaining the task and also open the taboo document below.