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Wednesday 29th April

I love quotes from Dr. Seuss and this is one my favourites! 


Well done for all your wonderful efforts and superb work already this week! 


You continue to impress us and make us proud to be your teachers - you are the most hardworking, resilient, caring and polite group of children we have met! 


We miss you dearly and can't wait to see you all very soon! 


BUT....for now keep up the hard work, do what you can in the circumstances you are in and remember your mountain is waiting.....



English - Writing Task 

Watch today's video lesson to find out what your writing task is for today! 

Marvellous Maths!




4VL and 4ZC- Let the battle commence. Who will win? YOU DECIDE!



Now click on the link below. Go to week 2 and lesson 3 (remember we are not yet in the summer term).


Now you can try the Get the activity task.

Stay active, stay positive and get other people smiling!


It is really important to do everything you can to try to stay positive at the moment and to keeping moving and do things for others. So this week, my brother has inspired me for one of our activities for you and for me! On Friday, my brother (who's a paramedic) told me about a house that he had visited where a child had created a huge circuit on the pavement outside their house. He said that it really made them smile, laugh and they even had a go at the circuit which made the whole street laugh. So if you have some chalk, we would like you to create an 'exercise course' outside your house that other people can enjoy when they walk by (please follow social distancing when doing this!).


Try to make it look exciting and use some of the art skills that we have been practising to create e.g. a wiggly line to walk along,  swirls to spin, squares to star jump in. Let your imagination run wild!