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Wednesday 3/6/20


Kenyan animals.


Look back over your list of Kenyan animals from yesterday. Choose one of these, have a look at some images of the animal and complete a 'Tree Map' to describe what it looks like. 

e.g - for a giraffe you would have description branches for the pattern, legs, neck and overall.


Once you have done this challenge yourself - Can you draw a picture of your animal and use the adjectives to write three or four sentences to describe it? Try to include 2 adjectives in each sentence - remember to use a comma to break up the adjectives. See if you can also extend your sentences using conjunctions  (and, or, but, because)


For example:- 

The strong, ferocious lion has sharp teeth and he uses them to eat his tasty food!



How to make a lion mask.


These lion masks are easy to make. 

You only need a couple of things:

  • 1 round paper plate or card cut into a round shape
  • scissors
  • glue or sellotape
  • yellow and orange paper


1. First, cut the centre out of the paper plate.
2. Next, use the glue or sellotape and stick this all around the paper plate rim.
3. Cut the yellow and orange paper into strips. (I cut mine about an inch wide, encourage children to do this part independently if possible.)
4. Then, stick strips around the edge of the paper plate, so that they are sticking ‘outwards’ instead of ‘inwards’. Keep sticking until there is none of the plate left showing.

5. Finally, hold it up to your face and say “Rawr!!"


Take a picture and send it to your teacher or Mrs Manning to scare them!