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Wednesday 3rd June

Hi Year 6 - well today's the day when just over half of Year 6 will return to school in bubbles of 8. No matter whether you are in school or at home we will set the same work - have a wonderful day wherever you are working.


English: Today we have a geography task which will be introduced by Jenny Cook who owns and runs Oddizzi. Have a listen to her task.


You will need to choose a place of interest to research today. Present your research in any way you like.

Find out:

1) The distance from Leeds to your destination- it can be anywhere in the world.

2) Find out as many interesting facts about this place - Oddizzi will definitely help you here

3) Think about researching places of interest,climate, capital city, food and any special events that are celebrated.

You will need all this information when you are going to write your letters or postcards later in the week.



Maths:Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages.


A tradition for all previous Year 6 children has been making a Leaver's booklet. This is a celebration of your time at Alwoodley Primary School and hopefully something you will keep for many years to come. It will contain many pieces including written work, art work and photographs. Each of you will have a booklet to put your work in and you will need to stick them in carefully after you have completed each one. Please take a great deal of care with your general presentation, spelling and content.


Today we start with the FRONT COVER. You will each have one of these either at school or in your packs at home. 



You will need to put your name in the scroll at the top - bubble writing, calligraphy, rainbow writing is all great - make a statement with your name.

In the box below you can put the dates you were at Alwoodley (most of you started in Nursery in 2012 or Reception in 2013) and draw any pictures which represent you: maybe a footballer, a sport you play, musical notes, any hobbies, family pets, your favourite food, etc. Present them well and add colour to make them stand out.

When this is done, stick it into the first page of your new 'Leaver's Booklet.'


Your second task for your booklet is called 'One step at a Time.'

Here you remember the teachers who taught you in each class, You can write their names in each box and draw/bullet point anything you can remember about that year. If you were not at Alwoodley for any of the years, then write the school you were at. Use colour to bring your page to life and stick it on to the second page of your book.