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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning!


Today we are going to focus on spelling for our English.

Key Spellings for the week – important, certain, mysterious, actually, skipped, hopeless, pyramid, their, there


Writing – choose 3 spellings (perhaps ones you find the trickiest) and include them in your own Wow sentence.


Hive game - There is a list on Spelling Shed called ‘Hive’ and this has a mixture of all the spellings this year so far so you can play and practise here.


Also at 9.55 I will text out a new pin code and you can join the live hive game again to start at 10am. The Hive game randomly selects so many spellings so you’re bound to get different ones this time. Once you have signed in, I will need to wait a few minutes to allow others to join so please be patient. smiley








Some of you have asked for some more tricky problem solving questions to have a go at! Have a look at this selection below if you fancy a challenge.



Warm up - You learnt ‘finding fractions of amounts’ last week.  This is something children generally find tricky so we need to keep up practising with this. Please have a go at the following game.

You can make this as easy or hard as you like by carefully choosing the settings at the beginning. Maybe get an adult to help choose the level that is right for you.



Summer term Week 1 - fractions from white rose

Please select summer term – Week1 day 2 -   watch the video and then complete what you can of the sheet.

This one:



Or follow link for full sheet


Challenge questions:



Flash back four

Science – This week we will focus on leaves.


Collect some different leaves from around your garden. Do they all look the same? Do they all have the same/ different shapes/colours?

Can you do a detailed drawing of your leaves labelling the main parts like the picture underneath?



What is the purpose of the leaves? Can you research the answer. No need to go into lots of detail at this stage.

Extension  – Can you identify the names of the trees your leaves came from.


Happy leaf hunting! laugh